6 Week Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2 Weigh In – Fitness Friday Tips

Here I am in week two of my 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge and I am down 4 full pounds! I have dropped one size in my jeans as well!! I didn’t expect to be so productive in this challenge but I am not complaining!

I counted all my calories on MyFitnessPal this week. With it being spring break I didn’t get as many work outs in as I would have liked but I have managed to stay very active and find some small workout to do each day. I wrote about a change in routine to help my perk my day on Tuesday…

A CHANGE IN ROUTINE (Tuesday, March 12)

Sometimes life demands so much of us and leaves little time for ourselves. My day was started early with little ones hungry for breakfast followed by us all cleaning up our back yard, showering to run errands and grocery shop. Followed by putting the groceries away, watching the kids ride their bikes, reading books to my daughter and then making dinner.

I realized I never really got a good work out in today and my mood this evening showed it. I decided to take time while dinner was cooking to make time for myself…in this case my workout.

I did a one minute wall sit, 50 walking squats around the kitchen, 50 wide squats, 30 side sizzlers and 30 wall push-ups. It only took me about 15 minutes to do all of these exercises. My mood changed instantly and I was able to push through the next 3 hours until the kids bed time.

Now for my weigh in this week!!

My starting weight: 128.4

Today’s weigh in: 124.4

My goal weight: 118

For my 30 Days Of Healthy Ways Challenge I have completed 12 out of 14 daily challenges. I ate past 6pm on Wednesday because we went to dinner with my in-laws. I did however split the California Pizza Kitchen Pizza with my husband!!

How are you doing on your weight loss plan? Are you feeling more fit? If you are doing the 30 Days To Healthy Ways, how many daily tasks have you completed so far? Signature


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  1. That’s great!! Keep up the good work!

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