Happiness Is ___________ (Series: Week 6)

There is so much in our daily lives to be happy about but we don’t always stop to point them out. This series does just that! I am linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures In Parenting for her Happiness Is weekly Wednesday series!

Happiness is… Watching cartoons in a laundry basket while holding hands with your sibling.


Happiness is… Laying on your tummy watching dolphins play within reach at Sea World San Antonio.


Happiness is… Jumping in the swimming pool over and over!


Happiness is… Pushing your real life “baby doll” in your toy stroller.


Happiness is… Waking from your nap and having your older sister climb in the crib with you to read a book.


Happiness is… Savoring every minute of daylight in the evening to play outside with your siblings!


Happiness is… Finding a pair of jeans for your son on sale at Old Navy for $1.47!!


So what brings you and your family happiness each day? Share in the comments here or on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #happinessis



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  1. Love the laundry basket pic! & great score on those jeans!

  2. So much happiness going on here! That first pictures is just darling!

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