10 Hugs Today

10 Hugs Today: Hugging Your Kids More Often

Today in my 30 Days of Healthy Ways challenge I have to give 10 hugs. This has brought on a couple thoughts for me…

…Although giving ten hugs isn’t too difficult for most mommies it is a tad more difficult for me. I am not a touchy feely person. I don’t like to be tapped, randomly touched, or hugged often. I must think about the act of giving a hug before I give a hug. With little ones running around of course I have learned to be more spontaneous with hugs and to cuddle my kids often.

This brings me to my next thought…I do not hug my older boys often enough. I hug and kiss my two younger children all day. I snuggle up with them to watch a cartoon or read a book or hold them while they don’t feel well or can’t sleep. I however do not do all those things with my older boys, ages 5 and 7. I realized today that I won’t have much longer before giving your mom a hug is not “cool”. And they will cringe at the idea of me kissing them even just on their forehead. My hugs and kisses to my older boys are short and brief. They typically only happen when they leave for school or go to bed.

My five year old is a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle up to read a book or just sit and talk. He will randomly run through a room where I am and yell “I LOVE YOU MOM!”. He often walks up and wraps his arms around my waist. He cries at night if he has not received a hug from everyone in the house. Like I said he is my sweetheart. He will make a great husband one day with all the affection he gives. I used to brush him off when he hugged me because that was in my nature however I do make an effort to hug him back or reply that I love him too more recently. Today I asked him for a hug, he obliged but then responded “Why did you want a hug? Are you going somewhere?”. That spoke volumes to my heart, these sweet kiddos need me to hug them more often!

The epiphany I had today is that I NEED to take full advantage of my kids age of wanting hugs and kisses. I need to set aside my own apprehensions and hug them freely and MUCH MORE OFTEN! I am challenging myself to give each of my four children and my husband at least three hugs or cuddles a day for the next week. It is perfect timing because it is spring break here which means I have plenty time to show my kids my affection for them. I am also going to tell them I love them at least once during the day, not just bedtime or when I am leaving. Life is too short to hold back hugs! Hugging the ones you love is good for your heart and soul!

How often do you hug your kids? Have they reached the age where they don’t want hugs, if so how do you handle that?




P.S. The picture above is from Friday afternoon when we visited Sea World. There weren’t many people at the park so we took full advantage by seeing all the Sesame Street characters, dancing with them, and playing in Sesame Street Bay of Play. Here you see my youngest K and his sister B giving Cookie Monster a hug. K didn’t want to come back go me, he was perfectly content staying with Cookie Monster. ALSO you’ll notice we were photo bombed by a Sea World worker…lets just say we were all having a great time with the cast & crew at Sea World, cause that’s what memories are made of!!


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