6 Week Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1 Weigh In

I am one full week into my 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge and so far I have had good progress!

I have counted all my calories with MyFitnessPal this week and I worked out five days a week both last week and this week. Having recently moved to the area I have not found a gym yet but I am working out at home. I have also been walking and running while pushing my kids in the jogging stroller.

My starting weight: 128.4

Today’s weigh in: 126

My goal weight: 118

For my 30 Days Of Healthy Ways Challenge I have completed 6 out of 7 daily challenges. I did not drink enough water on day 3. 🙁 Today’s task is… 8. Get 8 hours of sleep… hopefully my little ones let me complete that task without having to wake several times in the night.

How are you doing on your weight loss plan? Are you feeling more fit? If you are doing the 30 Days To Healthy Ways, how many daily tasks have you completed so far?


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  1. Woohoo, congrats!!!

  2. Great job! I’m doing weight watchers and love it but sometimes I totally forget to track my food. Oops.

    • Thank you! I really have to remind myself to track my food after every meal or I completely forget for the entire day.


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