Top Ten Tips to a Great Sea World Experience!

Top 10 Tips To A Great Sea World Experience


Here are my Top 10 Tips To A Great Sea World Experience…

  1. Download the Sea World App for smart phones. This gives you wait times for rides, distances to the nearest restrooms, map, and show times, just to name a few features.
  2. Bring in your own snacks, waters or empty water bottles to have filled for free with ice water. (Note: You can not take sandwiches but you can take snacks, chips, cookies in individual baggies.)
  3. Buy an annual pass and get free parking all year PLUS discounts on food and merchandise. (We bought one adult in our family an annual pass and everyone else a Fun Card to save money while still getting great discounts and unlimited play at both Sea World and Aquatica.)
  4. Put your entire family in the same color t-shirt. Years ago I was given this tip and I use it EVERY TIME we visit any park or attraction now. This makes it easy to spot your children in the crowds and if one person gets separated from the group you can give a description quickly.
  5. Take a picture of your kids with your phone as soon as you get to the park so you have it in case they get lost. ALSO show your children where to go or who to talk to if they get separated from you. If they are old enough they should know your full name to give Sea World staff.
  6. Plan what shows you’d like to see as soon as you get to the park, then map them out so that you aren’t racing from one side of the park to the other all day. (Note: We picked a show close to the entrance in the morning, followed by shows clockwise around the park with time for rides and attractions in between the shows.)
  7. To avoid the rush of crowds try to go to shows 20 minutes early and sit for a few minutes after the show to decide where your heading next. This allows you to be ahead and behind the crowd. This also gives you ample time to rest your feet, re-hydrate and eat the snacks you packed.
  8. Pay attention to whether or not you are in the Splash Zone at shows! If you do not want wet DO NOT SIT in the Splash Zone!! I can’t count how many times we watched people run with tiny babies, cameras, etc because they had no idea they would be getting wet while sitting in the Splash Zone.
  9. Buy a Sea World cup for 8.99 and refill all year for .99! Also buy a popcorn bucket for 4.99 and refill for 1.99 all year!
  10. Don’t forget about the attractions between shows like the Penguins, Flamingos, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Sharks, and Sesame Street Characters.

Have Fun! Some of our favorite moments at Sea World were not planned so be ready for a fun filled day!



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