Keeping Tots Busy during Appoinments

Today we have appointments for our van and to meet our possible new Pediatrician.

Sitting in a dealership waiting for your vehicle to be serviced is no fun with a busy toddler and preschooler. We brought the big brothers’ DSI, books, coloring books, and toys for them to play with however I am wishing I had taken more time to prepare for all the waiting today has in store for us. (I also brought snacks and dippy cups to keep there always hungry bellies full.) We like to play games like eye spy, spot the ABC’s, and ‘what color is this?’ while we wait or sit for long periods of time (like long car rides).

I have a couple busy bags for my kids that would have been perfect for this occasion, had I remembered to bring them. I like to think I am a prepared mom but I’m off my game with a sinus infection this week. Guess I’ll plan better next time.


What things do you bring along to keep your kids busy for long wait times? What games do you play while waiting?



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  1. We play i-spy, who is…. (name something and figure out who is wearing/doing/is ex. who is wearing red), and “trick” like hey it’s raining outside… nope I tricked you. Then for long car rides/or especially dr. appointments where I want them contained/not touching all the germs! I bring along their leappads/ipad to hold their interest. I usually bring a book or two to read to them but technology can hold their attention longer than the 5 minutes it takes to read a book and I can’t lug a library along with. With the ipad we can at least ‘read’ with the reading rainbow app.

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