What’s With This Weather??

I headed out this morning with my little Kangaroo to go grocery shopping. I noticed it was windy as soon as I got to my van but assumed it was just because we live on a hill. Once I got to the grocery store ten minutes away I realized the wind had followed me, because it loves me so much. Hahaha!

Half way through my grocery shopping the power at the store started flickering and completely went out. Most people stood still, babies/children started fussing, but my Kangaroo and I proceeded to shop in the dark calm store. I was getting some strange looks but I was already cart deep into my shopping I was not going to stop now even if it meant waiting for them to be able to ring me up.

Within minutes the HEB store employees jumped into action assisting customers with their flashlights and cell phone lights. In order to keep the food from spoiling they had to pull the curtains on the cases but were assisting us with anything we needed in the cases. In the produce section I had one helpful employee after another helping me complete my grocery shopping.

They announced that all registers were back up and running with no wait. So I finished finding the items on my list, stopped by the sale section, and proceeded to the check out. Every single lane was open, each lane with a cashier, bagger, and someone unloading the groceries and pushing down the line (because there was only power for registers the conveyer belts weren’t working). With a cart and a half full of food I was rang up and bagged in record time!

All in all I LOVED my experience of shopping in the dark at HEB! The store employees were on top of things, my sweet K just sat in the cart and looked around at all the flashlights walking by us. He was so calm while other moms had to leave their groceries to take their upset little ones out of the store. K was laughing so hard when we got outside in the sun, I think it dawned on him that we had been shopping in the dark! Plus he thought it was funny the wind was blowing he and I’s hair.

It turns out the power was down in the entire area and most stop lights on my way home and electric message boards on the interstate were off as well. This wind is CRAZY! I hear the weather is just as crazy in other parts of Texas. Be careful if you are out in the bad weather today!


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  1. Jennifer @ Geek Chic Mama says:

    That’s a cool experience! It sounds like it didn’t slow you down too badly, and now you have a neat story to tell about the Great Blustery Day of 2013.

    • Haha, so true! No I think it may have quickened things for me. I liked the calming feeling, plus I’m sure I bought less ‘wants’ and more ‘needs’. Great for a lady on a diet! 😉

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