Pinterest Fail: Stacked Kids

I am sure many of you have seen the “stacked kids” photo circulate on Pinterest. It is stinkin’ adorable and I knew I had to try it from the first time I pinned it. When my baby turned 1 year old last fall I put all the kids in fun slightly coordinating outfits (that I learned how to pick out from other pins on Pinterest), then we headed across the street to the school yard field for a quick sunny day photo op.

Stacked Kids Fail

Here is my FAIL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^! Getting kids to lay still while you lay another child on them oldest to youngest is NO easy task. After trying AND failing, I realized that it was a bad idea to try to stack my kids putting the youngest on top of a wobbly pile of squirming older siblings. Not to mention the oldest kid being squashed at the bottom.

BY THE WAY: I love all their faces…it goes from “Ahh, get them off of me!”, to “I could lay here all day.”, to “NO, I don’t want squished between BOYS!” to “What is going on here?” THEN there is my husband who was sure it was a FAIL as soon as I mentioned it. HAHAHA!

I did get a couple great photos of my kids that afternoon with other great tips I had found on blogs through Pinterest but I won’t likely be trying the ‘stacked kids’ picture ever again. Thought I’d share the photos I love from that day!

Kids-September 2012

Kid photo- Sept 12I was so proud of myself for having four completely different outfits for my children that all tied together with the bright green! Yay me for throwing this together last minute and following the “not to matchy matchy” pins I read all the time!




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  1. Their outfits are ADORABLE!! And you tried it, so that counts!! I love the shot of the kids sitting on the rock!

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