Easy Sock Curls

Since Easter will be here before you know it I wanted to share a fun easy way to curl your daughters hair for Easter Sunday! (Although these curls are so simple to create you could style them on your daughter for any occasion!)


My two middle children ready for Easter 2012

I happened to find these curlers a few years ago….


The package calls these “Pillow Curlers”.

 You might remember as a child having your mom curl your hair with socks…this is the same idea. And if you don’t these curlers clean socks will work just as good!






I started by getting my daughters hair very wet (she had just bathed). Then I pulled the top section of her hair into a square with a rubber band (I left her bangs out.) Next I took small strips of hair and rolled each strip around a sock roller and tied the end to keep in place. 

sockcurls2.jpg I rolled these vertical so that she would have ringlets in the end. (When using socks just hold the sock vertical, wrap the strand of hair around the sock until tight at the base of their head and tie the sock in a knot.)

sockcurls3.jpg Once it was all rolled up I set my blow dryer to low cool heat and dried her hair for about five minutes. I waited a few minutes afterwards to double check that they were completely dry before pulling the sock rollers out.

When they were completely dry I untied the ends of the sock rollers and unrolled them. Done! Here is the finished product!

sockcurlringlets.jpg My daughters hair is fine and thin so sleeping with these rollers would not work for her but if your daughter has thicker hair (or if you wanted to do these curls on yourself) you could roll these the night before and pull the sock rollers out in the morning. That makes for an even quicker/easier morning routine! (I slept in these rollers all the time as a child…by far my favorite way to have my hair styled as a child!)

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