Purging Kids Clothes

simplify.jpgOnce every three months or so I have to go through my kids dressers and closets. With spring like temperatures already upon us here I decided I needed to spruce up their wardrobes now. I took one day this week to go through each of my four kids clothes. Here are the steps I take to make it a quick process that takes me less than one hour per child…

          1. I start with the dresser, taking out all the clothes they’ve outgrown or are out of season.
          2. While I’m doing this I make a keep to recycle to a younger sibling pile and a donate pile.
          3. Once I’ve thinned the dresser I move to their closet.
          4. I take things I’m donating or keeping for a younger sibling right off the hanger and place them in their respectful pile.
          5. Last thing I go through is their shoes. Keeping at most 4 pairs of shoes per child.
          6. I box up the hand me downs, then label it by size and season to be stored.
          7. I also box up the donate and label it. If I have someone specific its being donated to or if it’ll go to Goodwill, I mark appropriately.
          8. Once their dresser and closet are purged of the clothes they can no longer wear I immediately pull out any clothes from their “grow into” box that fit them and are the right season. (**See Side Note Below**)
          9. I wash the new to them clothing right away to be put in their closet or dresser.
          10. DONE!!
SIDE NOTE: I normally always have a box of clothes for each child to grown into/next season in the top of their closet. My oldest doesn't get many hand me downs so when I find rock bottom prices or while at thrift stores I'll buy clothes that he can grown into. My other boys have TONS of hand me downs from  their older siblings. For my daughter so far we've been blessed to receive lots of new to us clothes from friends with older girls.

Box of clothes that my daughter will grow into.

Box of clothes to donate to friends little girls.

Box of clothes my daughter has outgrown so we will donate to friends little girls.


I find by doing this process every three months my children are less likely to try to wear clothes that are too small. How often do you go through your children’s clothes? Do you have a process you use to clear out old/out of season clothes?


P.S. The top picture is a wood hanging quote in my home…I really do believe that it is true. My husband jokes that if he stands still long enough I may try to purge him. 😉


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