Growing My Hair Out: 1st Post

I admit that I have chronic “I am about to have a baby I should cut off all my hair” syndrome. Case and point:

  • With my first son I went from having hair that was long (fell to my lower back) to cutting it just below my shoulders at 7 months pregnant.
  • During my second son’s pregnancy I cut it just a tad shorter to right at my shoulders. It had grown between my shoulders between pregnancies.
  • While pregnant with my daughter I FINALLY convinced myself to leave it alone and grow it out.
  • That lasted until I got pregnant with my last baby…then I went from long locks to under my ear mom bob.

After giving birth to my 4th I decided I really didn’t have a lot of time for my hair with having to get four kids dressed, styling my daughters hair, and getting us all out the door in a timely manner. I decided to keep the short hair and even went SHORTER with my hair cut. (You can see a picture of it in the post here.) >>Needless to say the shorter hair didn’t help me get out the door any sooner and I started a new rule that moms were aloud to be 5 minutes late per each child she had PLUS 10 extra minutes if husband was tagging along. (Just in case your keeping track YES I was/still sometimes am 20-30 minutes late to EVERYTHING….I should work on it, I know!)<<

Okay back to my hair. I no longer need to keep a short ‘easy to style’ haircut. I have decided I want to grow my hair out again. This time I hope to keep long locks longer than a year. I am hoping that some of these ‘Hair Growing/Hair Strengthening’ pins on Pinterest will help me speed up the process and have it grow healthy as it gets longer.

Here is my hair length as of 2/10/2013:

Back view of my hair…








Side view of my hair…








I’ll share the pins I try along the way and keep you updated monthly on how much hair growth I’ve had. In the meantime if you have any pins or tips to share about growing long healthy hair PLEASE SHARE! I’d love to hear any advice you have for me!


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