With Love On Valentines


Happy Valentines Everyone! I wanted to share a quick post of what special things we are doing at our house to celebrate Valentines this year.

First up is the dessert we will be serving our family tonight! We decided to try a pinterest find: Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries (I would love to share the link but it was broken). The picture shows them being placed in ice cube trays HOWEVER I don’t own any normal sized ice cube trays so I decided that an egg carton and IKEA little ice trays would have to do the trick.


First cut the stems off the strawberries and place them in your trays OR cartons.


Then cover the strawberries in melted chocolate and refrigerate for several hours. Remove, turn cartons/trays over onto cookie sheet and ENJOY!!


We also baked up sugar cookies sprinkled with red sugar crystals, Red and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies AND Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Egg Free Chocolate Chip shaped cookies. (Both the sugar cookies and the allergy free cookies were cut with our cute Valentines cookie cutters.)

For lunch I sent my boys with heart shaped cheese, homemade chicken nuggets, a sugar cookie, baby tomatoes, and a Gatorade. They will be pleasantly surprised with their sweet treat!

Dinner we will be serving Heart Shaped Hamburgers, Cut Heart Hotdogs, and French Fries. Followed by the Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert.

Last but not least we will top the night off by exchanging Valentines with each other. On Monday each family member decorate a paper sack. We set the sacks out on the serving buffet in our dinning room. Then all week as the kids finished their Valentines cards they placed them in each family members sack. This year we bought each of our kids a book!  (They love to read and we found a few GREAT titles on sale at Target so we took advantage and picked up the perfect gift for each child!) Plus they will each receive a sweet note from us parents telling them 3 things we appreciate and love about them.

This is typically how we spend our Valentines. Just appreciating the loved ones we have in our lives and showing each other in small ways! I’d love to hear what special things you do with your family for Valentines in the comments!



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  1. This sounds like such a sweet day! Hearts all around. We make Valentines day a love heart thing too all day 🙂

  2. Love this! (dont know if my previous comment went through said error) We make Valentines day a family day too 🙂

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