Happiness Is__________(Series: Week 2 for me)

As I mentioned last week, I am linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for the Happiness Is ___________ Series. I have had a LOT of #HappinessIs Moments this week that I’m excited to share with you all.

Happiness Is…. Walking up the stairs to go down the slide all by yourself!


Happiness Is…. Grilled cheese sandwiches (these are YUMMY Allergy Free grilled cheese sandwiches) and homemade tomato soup on a raining day.


Happiness Is…. Reading letters written by your classmates at the school you sadly moved away from early this school year.

Happiness Is…. Heart shaped pancakes and an arrow made by my hubby on a Saturday morning.


Happiness Is…. Going on a “Fancy Dessert Date”with Yaya & Papa!

Happiness Is… Having over 100 views three days in a row and over 1,000 views total on my new blog!! (It’s a huge deal to me! I love my viewers and all their comments! Keep sharing with your friends and family.)


What were your #HappinessIs moments this week? I’d love to have you share them in the comments below or on Instagram (you can follow me on Instagram @LoriRS)








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  1. the letter from the classmates pic brought tears to my eyes. how sweet! and congrats on the views!!

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