Rearranging Our Garage

We took advantage of the mild temps yesterday to rearrange our garage to make it more functional. My parents currently live with us so our garage not only houses my families seasonal decorations, keepsakes, camping, and kids stuff BUT it all houses most of my parents house contents, seasonal decor, camping and more. When they move in right after Thanksgiving, we just moved it all into the garage knowing we would have to reorganize it all to be able to find things when we need them.


Garage Before Picture (from inside the house).

It took us five hours but we accomplished a LOT! We started by moving out and sorting all of my families boxes. We had a keep pile, donate pile, trash/recycle pile and consign pile.


Once we had moved out a majority of the boxes on the left side of the garage we moved and stacked furniture against the wall. (Like my parents deep freezer, dining room set, chairs, and washer and dryer.)

We stacked most of my families keep boxes and boxes we might want to get into (like craft and art supplies) on a huge hanging self. The self is in the back of the garage near the door to the house so it is easily assessable if needed.


This hanging storage now has all of my families keep sake boxes, crafts and art supplies.

We will be hanging the kids bikes from the ceiling in the spot next to the large hanging shelf, directly above our deep freezer and small fridge.

Last things to go back in the garage were the consignment boxes and items. I read about a kids consignment that will be held in San Antonio in March on San Antonio Mom Blogs a few weeks ago.


Time to get busy sorting, cleaning, and tagging for kids consignment sale.

I decided we will participate by consigning all the kids old toys (they are in impeccable condition), old baby clothes that accidentally didn’t get passed on to friends before we moved to SA, baby bassinet, walker, and maternity clothes. Over the next three weeks I will be sorting through it all, cleaning it, tagging it and getting it all ready for the sale.


Clearly we don’t need the bassinet any longer. Silly kids!

Consigning all of that will free up a LOT more space in the garage. But honestly we are thrilled with the space and progress we made yesterday. We donated a truck full to Goodwill yesterday. Recycled all cardboard and paper we no longer needed. Finally we moved the bikes and strollers back into the garage.


Here is a look into the garage from in the house after rearranging and organizing it.

The kids can now easily get their bikes out, I can access my strollers, and we all can locate boxes when we need/want something! This is a huge step in the right direction for our garage!!


Look at all the space we freed up just in 5 short hours.

Have you rearranged your garage recently? Find any treasures? I know we did, things we thought we had lost/thrown out years ago were found yesterday!!




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  1. I went through a small part of my garage the other day and it looks so much better. I also feel better about seeing the extra room in there. Some day soon before it gets too hot I need to go through the rest of it. I even bought new boxes to replace several that have corroded over time.


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