Laundry Times Six

After giving birth to our fourth baby I was woken with the reality that I now had laundry to do times SIX! I spent the entire first year after having my son drowning in laundry. It probably didn’t help that we had an old dryer that took 3 hours to dry one load of laundry BUT even once we purchased a new-to-us washer/dryer set I was still ALWAYS doing laundry.

In a typical week I do 7-8 loads of laundry (clothes x6 plus towels and bedding). I used to wash one-two loads of laundry a day Monday thru Friday, which wasn’t working because I’d end up with baskets of clean clothes sitting around all week and always folding laundry on the weekends!

Then just before we moved I went to an activity with my MOMS Club chapter in Midland that featured a local organizer. The BIGGEST tip I walked away with was about laundry. She has a family of five which she assigns a day of the week for each person in her family she did their laundry. This gave her one day to wash, dry and put away that family members clothes so no clean laundry sat in a basket EVER! I figured I’d give the idea a try in my life. It defiantly helped cut down on the time I did laundry. However I was wasting water by not having a full load of laundry every time. I also wanted to get away from doing laundry every single day of the week. So I did a little adjusting and found what works best for us!

Here is how I do our laundry now… I wash my younger two children’s clothes together in a load on Monday. I also wash my older two boys clothes in a load on Monday. (Only taking out the white shirts or bottoms to put in a separate load for later in the week.) On Tuesday I wash/dry/fold my husband and I’s laundry which is three loads (whites, darks, and jeans). Then on Wednesday I wash towels and bedding. I typically pick one to two beds anweek to wash so that everyone’s bedding is getting washed once a month.

It breaks down to 2 loads of laundry on Monday, 3 loads on Tuesday and 2-3 loads on Wednesday.

My children (all four of them, ages 1-7) help fold their own laundry. Then they put their laundry away. I help them put their clothes on hangers and hang them. They also help fold towels (their favorite job) and make their beds.
I LOVE that I’m not doing laundry all week, unless someone gets sick or has an accident in which case my new laundry schedule is open to add more laundry on Thursday and Friday. I also LOVE that clean laundry isn’t sitting around in baskets in my room anymore! Each week I tell my hubby how much I LOVE this new system. He thinks I’m nuts, which I am! HAHA!

I washed both my older boys bedding this Wednesday. Thursday morning I went into their rooms to find that my second son had removed his pillow cases, as usual. It’s the weirdest thing but that boy just doesn’t like pillow cases, never has. Anyone else have a kid that doesn’t like pillow cases on their pillows?


So tell me, what is your laundry schedule? How many loads of laundry do you wash each week?


**Up next is making my own laundry soap…I know I’m WAY behind on that trend but it’s been on my to do list for some time now!


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  1. Wow! I only have 1 child right now so I can’t imagine doing as much laundry as you have to, but I still hate doing it.

    For now my routine is doing all of our laundry on Mondays–which is only 3 loads. I fold it and put it away the same day, but the last load doesn’t always make it out of the dryer until later that week haha…and I do a small load later in the week, if needed.

    • Laundry is the pits! I’ve only met a handful of people that actually like doing laundry. With each kid the laundry pile doubles…how can one small person have so much laundry?! 😉

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