Super Bowl at Our House

Did your family watch Super Bowl XLVII? Participate in any fun Super Bowl festivities?

We had a pretty lazy Sunday here. Watched Hotel Transylvania with the family in the afternoon (which is a great family flick), kids played outside for a bit then we watched the Super Bowl. We had a friend over to watch the game and being from northern New Mexico we only had Bronco fans at our house. So no big parties here but it was still a goodnight.


Here my baby is watching the coin toss and kick off on daddy’s lap. (Notice the pointing fingers to, he is yelling at the TV already!)


Nothing fancy for dinner…ordered pizza, homemade GF,DF,EF Chicken Nuggets, guacamole with chips, brownies, and Allergen Free Chocolate Cake.

20130203-221940.jpgMy younger two cuties dancing to a Super Bowl commercial just before bedtime.

I do enjoy watching football, I always look forward to watching the halftime show (no matter who’s performing), and like seeing the commercials they come up with each year! If you didn’t catch it this year or if you want to find out what I liked about it this year here is my “Moments” list….

What are you favorite moments of this year’s Super Bowl?

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens on the win of Super Bowl XVII!!!!



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