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We moved from Midland to San Antonio the first part of November for a new job. A week before we moved my hubby and I went on a double date with some good friends of ours to a Japanese restaurant. At the end of the meal they served fortune cookies, like most Asian restaurants typically do. We all opened ours and read them out loud. Everyone’s was very cute and funny, except mine which felt surreal….


“Success rests in having courage, endurance and, above all, the will.”

This hit me as something I should remember. I kept that fortune in my makeup bag as we moved and placed it in our bathroom on a picture once we moved in. I read that fortune at least once a day. Everyday I ponder on exactly what it means to me or how it pertains to me. To be honest most days, during the first three months, I felt like I was not living up to this fortune. I was not feeling successful at all. I felt like I was failing life or was life failing me?

Something came over me two weeks ago. Although its seems nothing had gone as planned since moving here, I was feeling very optimistic. The same optimism I had when we made the decision to move. I decided I was no longer going to let the stresses of my world get me down or dictate my thoughts.

Fast forward one week to what felt like my positive thinking rubbing off on my life. Things have really turned around, for the better, and I no longer feel like I should swim in my stress (whether I choose to or not). I was initially so relieved but then it dawned on me that this is the same filling I had been living the last week without great news needed. See I had been feeling SO very unsuccessful the last three months because I was choosing to let the stress weigh me down. But when I chose to let it go, my whole out looked changed and I was able to see that I had been successful all along.

During the last three months I have become more patient, more compassionate, and I learned to let go! Anytime you grow and learn you are successful! I had the COURAGE to ENDURE through it all while patiently waiting for the end/outcome. And last but not least, I had the WILL… Will to learn from the experiences, will to be patient, will to be a better mom and wife, will to get up everyday and enjoy my life.

We are all handed a different set of cards in life. We all have to endure through different trials. HOWEVER, success doesn’t always come AFTER you’ve overcome the trials….success can come while you are learning to patiently climb the hill to the top, through the good and bad. Success is part of your journey! Learn to let yourself be successful ALWAYS!



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