Impromptu Trip To The Beach

We woke up last Saturday morning, the sun was shining, it was 70+ outside and we wanted to get out to do something fun for the day. After mulling over ideas with my parents and hubby like the zoo, park, a walk, and museum nothing sounded like an activity we wanted to do. Then my mom mentioned driving down to Corpus Christi to the beach, which led our house to cheers and shrieks of excitement!

So we had the kids put on their swim suits (yes we knew it’d be a bit too cold to swim but the kids would not see it that way and would insist on getting in the water), packed up an extra set of dry clothes, and lunch then headed out! We had no idea where exactly we were going but we hopped on I-37 and just drove south! Once we popped over the hills and could see the beach my kids lost it, they could not wait. After not finding a spot to park we started driving east which turned into another hour and a half AND a ferry ride to an island (Port Aransas I think). That was a first for all of us.

Shortly after the ferry ride we found a spot to park and play! The kids LOVED EVERY MINUTE! They didn’t care much that the water was cold. They played and played and played. Then they looked for shells. Discovered several washed up jelly fish and a blow fish. It was an afternoon to remember!

My two older boys have been to the beach a few times but my younger two had not ever been. I LOVE seeing their excitement of seeing the beach for the first time. My baby jumped out of my arms to walk in the sand. He and my daughter didn’t play too much in the cold water but they kept their feet in for most of the time we were there. Despite being cold neither of them wanted to get out to warm up.

My oldest was swimming out as far as we would let him. Typically my second son (the Lion) would have just stayed where the water touched only his feet, but his confidence is up after taking swim lessons two summers in a row. So as soon as he warmed up to the idea he was out as far as we would let him too!!

We all agreed we want to try beach camping one weekend this spring. And I’ve decided that, like me, all of my kids are beach bums! My daughter even tried to convince us to park our van on the beach and just sleep in it so she could wake up to play in the beach some more!

After watching the sun go down we washed the kids’ feet and put dry clothes on them, we finished the night eating delicious Joe’s Crab Shack!! It was a day of making memories! A day filled with laughter, smiles and fun! It was just what we all needed after the week of sickness running through the family!


Can’t wait to visit the beach again!!



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  1. That’s such a fun day!

  2. What a cool thing to do. So spontaneous! I love it. Looks like it was an amazing day.

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