The Winter Grays

I think I may have the winter blues, or GRAYS is more like it. My closet is chock full of every color in the rainbow. I enjoy wearing all different colors and my shirts represent that (see the pictures of my closet below). However the last two months all I want to wear is GRAY! I am liking neutrals too but every day I find myself trying on other colors and going to the gray.


(Here is a picture of my closet…YES it is color and style categorized. Lots of colors to choose from and typically I would wear a different color every day. That is until this winter, when all I want to wear is the small section on the left…grays and blacks.)


So I’ve come to the conclusion that I have the winter grays. I have seen some comfy cute gray outfits popping up on Pinterest recently. The kind of outfits that fit my gray style mood this winter. I do like the idea of a pop of a light color but just something small like a scarf, shoes or undershirt. Here are some outfits that are on my wish list right now!

(These pictures are from and

 Do you have a color you like to wear more than other colors? Do you like wearing certain colors MORE during different seasons?



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