The Forgotten Pony Tail

1-photo (29)I cut my hair pretty short about a year ago. It was the shortest I’ve ever cut it before (see picture below). So I have spent the last year barely being able to pull it partially up. Well I am growing it out! I’m ready for long hair again (especially now that we are done having babies so I don’t have to worry so much about my hair being pulled). I am actually going to try some things I’ve read on blogs to help speed the growing out process and strengthen my hair, but more about that next week.

1-476667_3519519060380_1044132591_33231365_1007034593_oAnyhow, I have recently discovered I can pull my hair into a low pony tail! This makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY! Oh how I missed being able to do so! I don’t usually wear my hair in a pony tail but since not being able to for over a year, I am wearing it up a couple times a week!

1-photo (28)Sorry for the VERY poor picture quality…I apparently do not know how to take a good picture of the back of my head. Guess it’s something to improve on?! HAHA.

1-photo (27)I’ll post next week about what I plan to do to help my hair grow our quicker. But in the meantime I’d love to know, do you like having your hair short or long? What style do you like best on yourself?




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  1. My hair is mid-length–goes right to my bra strap and I love it that length. I wouldn’t want it any shorter but if it got longer I wouldn’t mind either–can’t wait to read what you’re doing for hair growth–I need some ideas!

    My favorite way to wear it is a side braid or a ballerina bun (or top knot, whatever it’s actually called). I like fixing my hair when we go out with a crimper or rollers but if I’m just staying home with the kids it’s definitely pretty casual.

    • I like the mid-length hair too! It gives you the length to pull it up in different styles but isn’t so long that it gets in the way.

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