The Little Reminders…

This week has worn me out… with ALL FOUR of my kids being sick at one time or another. Just when one child got well another got sick. As soon as one seemed to be on the mend he/she would then spend the next 24hrs with high fevers, achy, puky, and whiny. OR have to stay home from school for another day in hopes they felt better the following day.
20130124-141551.jpgI feel like we can’t catch a break or should I say I can’t catch a break.
20130124-141816.jpgThen I would get a little reminder of how much my kids love and need me.  

Some of those reminders were..

  • How excited my baby gets (no matter his mood) to hold my hand while walking down the hall.
  • When my daughter would SCREAM “mom” until I came to her (day or middle of the night) only to say she just wanted me near her.
  • My older two boys helping each other out while the other one was sick (folding each others laundry, getting tissues, filling their drink, and checking on each other).

I do remember when I was sick as a child and thinking the only thing that was going to make me feel better was my mom. She was/is Superwoman to me! I mean just this week she let me sleep an extra three hours, one morning, with the baby while she took care of my daughter and oldest son who were sick because I had not gotten any sleep the night before. THANKS MOM!

I specifically remember when I broke my ankle in three places at age ten. I laid in my bed one night just sobbing because my mom wasn’t home (she had college classes to attend) and SHE was the ONLY one that was going to take my pain away. I felt that same way every time I gave birth, naturally with NO meds (I know I’m crazy…and I did it four times!). The feeling that just having her and my husband near would take the pain away (WHICH totally did NOT take the pain away, but the pep talks pushed me through some of the pain). Although she really had no ‘technical’ power to take any of my pain away just having her in the same room helped me get through those times.

Two of my kids were hospitalized with RSV when they were babies and I stayed with them for every second. My family and friends would have to encourage MAKE me go get food to eat or to walk around for a bit while they stayed with the baby. My husband would offer to stay the night with the sick baby but I would INSIST to stay with them myself. So I suppose it’s just in my nature to be the one to be right by them while they are sick, no matter the toll it takes on me.

So when all is said and done I am very blessed that they wanted me to cuddle them while they were sick. They aren’t young forever and before I know it they won’t want cuddles from me or dad. In several years I won’t be up all night taking care of sick kids because they will all be grown, living on their own. However that doesn’t mean that this week didn’t completely exhaust me! I feel ran down and I got nothing accomplished this week but I suppose I was my kids “Supermom” for the week and that is all that matters.

As I typed this my daughter puked across the room. Oh the joys of getting to clean vomit out of the carpet and chair for the second or is it third time this week!



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  1. I needed to read this! Especially this morning. On top of being sick myself, my boys have been sick too. For the last two weeks, there has been crying, whining, tissues and meds. Through it all, the only one who could make it better was me. And while its tiring, knowing that they need me is so very special! Hope everyone is better soon!

    • Oh man being sick yourself adds so much more stress to it all. I’m glad this helped you and I hope you feel better ASAP! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. A sick house is the worst! I feel like the cedar fever has taken over our house this Winter; I don’t know what I would have done with sick kids on top of all the other nonsense! You’re a trooper!

    • Haha, cedar fever…love that. This is our first winter (is that what they call this season, haha) in San Antonio and we’ve been extremely lucky to only have the kids sick this one time.

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