Pics From 1 Year Ago: Throwback Thursday

I was browsing through my Instagram account and came across my first Instagram pics from one year ago.

Throw back 1/24/12This is my two older boys playing the Wii they had just gotten for Christmas while my youngest (who was only 4 months old) watched them. He loved(s) watching them play the Wii!

Throw Back 1/25/12This is my daughter holding my baby. She would ask all day if she could hold him until I would let her hold him. She also did things like moving him out of his bouncer onto the floor, pulled him around the living room by his feet, and undressed him when any time I’d walk away from him for just a minute. I learned really fast to take him with me, EVERYWHERE! Hahaha!!

Do you have any fun throwback photos to share on Instagram? How about Instagram pics from one year ago? Tag them with #throwbackthursday and #oneyearago so we can see them!



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  1. I love seeing other people’s throwback Thursday pictures. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to post my own!

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