Sick Kids… Cause That’s How Life Goes

I had planned to share some sort of tip on this Tuesday morning however life had another plan. Instead I am spending my day nursing my children back to health. This is actually how I spent my entire weekend.

We had a long weekend with no school Friday or Monday. We didn’t have any big plans because my hubby and step-dad were working all weekend but we had planned to get out and try some new parks in the area, maybe a bike ride or walk. HOWEVER, the illness started with my 5 year old (the Lion) on Thursday evening… by Saturday my daughter was very ill… then Sunday my oldest (the Clown) came down with it… Monday night my baby began running a high temp. Oh and the Lion (who had this bug first) was fever free and feeling better Monday. So he went to school today while I nurse the other three back to health.

Not sure what bug this is but it seems to be taking 4-5 days to run its course. (Their symptoms are a fever, runny nose, ear aches, and little cough.) In the meantime we are using sanitizer like crazy, Lysoling the house, and encouraging kids to keep their coughing and sneezing as contained as possible so that MAYBE we can keep this from spreading to the other family members in the house!


We are also loading us all up on EmergenC, lots of water, cuddles with the kids, Vicks for runny noses, and more cuddles. 😉 The two little ones get to sleep in our room when they are sick so we can tend to them easily all night.

20130121-211705.jpg What things do you do when your kids are sick?



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