Throwback Thursday: Toddler/Preschooler Hairstyle Tutorial

I like to snap a pic of my daughters hair once I have fixed it for a couple reasons, 1) She can see it and is more likely to leave it alone all day. 2) When I am needing ideas of what to do with her hair I can quickly access the pics from my phone. 3) I had been planning to blog tutorials. I thought I’d use Throwback Thursday to give a few tutorials of different pony tails I’ve done on my daughters hair.

My daughter (the Monkey) has very fine thin hair. It has no curl to it at all. It is exactly like mine. 😉 In a couple of these tutorials she has bangs and one she does not because we started growing them out.

photo (1)

~~Up first is the Half Up w/Full Up Pony & a Bow. I started by splitting her hair into two sections, the top section and the bottom section. I put each section in a rubber band (I use the small colored elastic bands because they hold well in fine hair and they can easily be cut out if needed because we toss them each night). Once I have put each section in a band I take the top pony, add it to the bottom pony and put another rubber band to keep it in place.

photo (2)

On this day my daughter had just started preschool and decided she wanted a bow which I clipped just about her top rubber band. She also had bangs during this time. The longest part of styling this way is the parting the hair. It took me maybe 5-6minutes to style this hairstyle on my daughter. I also spray with a little Suave: Touchable hairspray to keep the flyaways from getting out of control.

Next is one that I am going to show is one that take a little longer to style.

photo (3)

~~This is the TWISTED ZigZag LOW PONY! I parted her hair in four equal sections horizontally on her head. I put each section in a pony BUT in order to get the zigzag effect I started tied the first section (top section) up on the left, the second section on the right, the third section on the left (not as far over as the first section), and last (bottom section) in the middle.

Once each section was in a rubber band (it should look like she has four pigtails at this point), I wet all the loose hair in the pony tails, took the top pony, split the in half, twisted the two sections in the same direction then wrapped them around each other going the opposite direction (I’ll link a vlog on how to do this ASAP!). Then I rubber band that twisted hair in with the second section of hair. Then I do the same twisting technique on the second section of hair, then rubber band it to the third sections. And again take the third section, use the twisting technique and rubber band it to the last/bottom pony tail. Then I clipped a bow just above her bottom rubber band.

I had to use hairspray on this hairstyle or the twisted sections of hair would just become flyaways with her thin hair. This is a hairstyle that takes longer to style. I had snacks for her this day to keep her occupied while I did this because she had to sit for about 10 minutes for me to style it.


~~ LOW PONY W/FLOWER CLIP– This last Pony Tail is one that is simple and quick. I wet all her hair, brushed it into a low pony, rubber band it just above her neck, and then I added a flower clip above the rubber band. She wore bangs in this picture. I hair sprayed with Suave Touchable and DONE! This takes 2-3 minutes. We were able to do this hairstyle while she watched a short cartoon.




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  1. I don’t have a little girl, but I always say that if I have one her hair will ALWAYS be fixed (haha, my poor son’s hair is ALWAYS fixed). I like the nice, neat, out-of-face looks and I love the way you fixed your little girl’s hair. Cute!

    • Thank you! I was anxious for the day that my daughters hair was long enough to fix it. She of course doesn’t love having me fix her hair most days but occasionally she’ll sit longer for me to so something more than just half up. Girls keep life interesting! 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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