Hairstyle: Half Up Side Pony w/All Up Pony Tail

We were headed out for a short shopping trip and my daughters hair was hanging in her, as usual, since I’m trying to let it grow out (more about her self hair cut soon!). I didn’t have much time and I usually try to style her hair after she’s taken a bath but wetting her hair had to do this time. We sang “Bringing Home a Baby Bubble Bee” and I had her brush her teeth while she sat on the bathroom counter so I could get her hair up and out of her face in a timely fashion. It worked like a charm!

IMG_1985<<Here she is brushing her teeth!

I started by parting her hair on the side (on her right side). Then I made a square from the part over to her left side (I picked up more hair on her left side than her right side). I put that hair in a side pony.

Then I wet the bottom and side portions of her hair. I pulled all of the loose hair including the side pony into one big pong in the middle of the back of her head.

Half up side pony w/full pony-back

I finish it by spraying with hairspray. I use Suave: Touchable hairspray, so that it isn’t stuck to her head all day and still feels soft.

Half up side pony w/full up-Front

^^Here is my pretty girl all ready for a fun day!^^



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