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Family meals

If you had a chance to read through my “About” page you already know a little about my family and our meals. If not let me go into some detail here with you.

Let me start by explaining that we recently moved to San Antonio. My parents and youngest brother moved here shortly after and we all live together in a 6 bedroom home. That means that we have 9 people living in our house right now. When it comes to dinner it has to easily and afford-ably feed all 9 of us. My boys, Clown and Lion, are growing boys and easily eat as much or more than the adults in this family. Therefore I make very large dinners. If your family is smaller you’ll want to adjust the recipe to fit your family size (unless of course you want to make the larger portion listed and freeze half to pull out and cook in the future for a quick meal!!!).

Now you’ll notice that I do cook “average” family meals BUT they are allergy free! My little brother, Lion Tamer, has many allergies and my mom chooses to eat with him to support him. Therefore our dinners are Gluten Free, Dairy/Casein Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Pinto Bean Free, Peanut Free, and Egg Free (he can have egg on occasion so you might see it pop up but I’ll give recommendations for substitutes). When we all first started living together we would have lots of meals that were not allergy free so we’d have to make my brother and mom a separate meal. It was not an easy task and would cause problems with all the kids during dinner say “why can’t I have that?”, “why can’t I eat gluten free too?”, etc. I had seen a few posts pinned on pinterest with GF/DF recipes so I started looking and set out to change the way we ate dinner. It is still trial and error with meals to see what pleases everyone and what needs tweaked,  but it is much better than making two different meals nightly.

What you’ll find on my blog in the coming months are the recipes I’ve found, adapted to fit our life and we like to eat! If you do not need allergy free meals or only have a couple of the allergies listed you can still make all of these meals very easily for your family! I am not a ‘stand in the kitchen for hours’ sort of woman so these recipes are easy, time efficient and kid approved! 😉

I plan to post a “Meal Planning Monday” every Monday to show you what meals we will be eating during the week. If we’ve tried the meal I’ll link it to my Meal Planning Monday list, however if we have not I will make a separate post during the week to give you the recipe and how it was received by my family. I’m obviously late for a Meal Planning Monday this week so I’ll just be posting our dinner recipes daily. My first dinner post will be up in just a few minutes so stay tuned!!



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