Re-organizing and Purging: Day 2

A long night with Kangaroo and Monkey running fevers meant we couldn’t go to the park with friends today. Instead I worked on getting the kids rooms cleaned and organized.

I started in Monkey and Kangaroo’s room and closet. I had purchased Monkey a Tinkerbell room accessory kit on sale for cheap this summer. I used a couple bins from the kit to organize the toy shelf better and the three hook wall hangings to organize her many purses. I also hung a few things of Kangaroo’s.


In the closet I went through all the clothes. I was able to remove 7 boxes of clothes they’d out grown and I’d stored in there this spring. I cleaned up the book shelf and brought in another bin to organize some of Kangaroo’s toys. Plus I moved a couple of Monkey’s strollers to the closet to open up space in the room.


I cleaned the walls, door/doorway, and and baseboards in both sets of kids rooms.

I forgot to get before pictures in the boys room but below is the after. They still had a couple bags from the trip I had to clear out, toys that we moved to the play room, I got 3 large bags of Lion’s clothes he’d out grown and hung his new school clothes. Then I went through the top of the closet and their dresser drawers organizing it all.

Their room didn’t take me long but I did end up with a trash bag full of trash, not sure how they end up with all that trash in there. Also not sure how they can sleep with sand in their beds. :/ Eww!


Tomorrow I’ll conquer my room, closet and bathroom. Which leaves the hall closet, laundry room, toy room, back yard and garage for the weekend and next week.



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