Advent Calendar: Ice Hangings

Today’s activity with the kids is one that I saw in Family Fun magazine. We took out all of our Christmas cookie cutters and placed them in a cake pan, strung a string through each cookie cutter, added some cold water and placed the pan in the freezer for a couple of hours. Once they were frozen we ran the pan under a little hot water to break the ice free from the cookie cutters. Then I got a long stick, tied the ice hangings along the stick, and hung the stick on our back porch.

We put the stick in a place where the boys can see their ice hangings from our back door each day! This was a fun, simple activity that I plan to do again and again!!

(A FEW THINGS WE LEARNED: The simple cookie cutters were easiest to get the ice out of without cracking them…we accidental broke Rudolph’s antlers off and his head was hanging separately from his body…oops. And it would have been neat to have a little color so I would add a few drops of food coloring next time.)





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